Reviews for "Host - part1"

freaking scary

liked the music a lot because it makes you feel the suspense, that was really good!, did you do the music?

i would surely see part 2

JoSilver responds:

Yes I indeeded did. I glad you liked.
the sound effects are from soundsnap.com thought.

ok that was creepy

awsome halloween flash

JoSilver responds:

thank you.


Very scary indeed..

Perhaps one of the scariest flashes I've seen here all week!

Good job!
Once this passes, I'll recommend it for Halloween 2008!

5/5 ; 9/10

JoSilver responds:

Cool. No one really make a scary flash, so I though I WOULD!
hope you remember to recomend.

hmm interesting

Despite the lack of voice acting this seems well made. The Easter egg (BTW if anyone wants to know its to the right of the tank logo) well seems kinda lame but the flash itself seems good. I hope you continue this.

JoSilver responds:

yeah I threw that in there just for the hell of it, I was playing around with this cheap little voice recorder and I made that... I thought i was worth something so I jsut threw it into here LOL! I hope to get a voice actor soon, and gather up a crew or something to help me with this or something. glad you liked it!