Reviews for "AGONY"

Good Game

It is really weird that I know some of this stuff. The interface was very clean and didn't have any unnecessary elements. As far as I know, no glitches and everything worked properly.

Very well done :)

Z3pp0 responds:

Thank you, but it has been a long way :/
We pushed the game from the initial idea to release in 4 days.
The ugliest bugs were taken care of after it got submitted here, but by now it's running pretty smooth.


The only thing that is painful about it is that it is slow slow in the interludes.

Z3pp0 responds:

It was produced on a quad core running windows XP.
We tested it on a mac from the late nineties or so for laughs.
THAT was painful.


this is a awesome flash, great animation and a great halloween flash

Z3pp0 responds:

4 days in the making, unfortunally submitted too late to score some ca$h in the Halloween contest :/

Creepy as HELL but awesome

I loved it man. It was most awesome.

Z3pp0 responds:

You awesomized awesome by making it MOST awesome.

SImply Amazing

This game was a true challenge... I'm not pround that I had to use Google for some of the questions... Very Hostle-esque! I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with this year.

Z3pp0 responds:

Hey, glad you liked.
And it's totally ok to google for some answers, since most of the info of the questions was googled as well :D