Reviews for "AGONY"


Ouch...brutal but well done^^

Z3pp0 responds:

An *Ouch* is just what we wanted from you folks!
My favourite part is the drill in the teeth^^

i love this game

this game had some difficult questions.
both disturbing and awesome.

what type of scripture is Doctor schna or whatever from.

Z3pp0 responds:

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I guess you're referring to the "Doktorschnabel" from the disease related image?
It was a beak-shaped mask worn by the pest doctors in 14th century to prevent pest infecion (well, at least it made them look cool).


Good quiz game guys. I got tortured to death due to lack of knowledge!!

Thanks for using one of my tracks!

Z3pp0 responds:

Hawr, serves you right!
Besides, it's a torture game, so why would one want to live through it anyway?
Keep writing those fuckn awesum tracks, you rock!


That was great.
It took me a while but I made it...barely.
If you end up answering them all correctly
does it end differently?
Nurse was hot. lol

Z3pp0 responds:

Thanks alot.
Yes, it does end differently when you get all questions right.
Well, if you think the nurse is hot, then I suggest you do just that and try to make no mistake.
Because, we also thought she's hot and you gotta be rewarded for a clean run, righty?

I need a cheat sheet...... gawdammit