Reviews for "AGONY"


I really winced after clicking the enter-button for the first time. Quite shocking(the whole game of course)!
The part with the teeth is really more than mean :S...it still hurts!

Go on guys!

Z3pp0 responds:

Wow, thanx.
Whenever you feel like undergoing some disembowelment again, just be our guest.


Ouch...brutal but well done^^

Z3pp0 responds:

An *Ouch* is just what we wanted from you folks!
My favourite part is the drill in the teeth^^


i like died on my first go, this is very informative and scary at the same time, and thank you, you were very considerate of your audience when you put up that mini game at the start while it was loading. i know someone already said this but a replay button would be nice.

Z3pp0 responds:

Yes, we pity all the dial up victims.
Well, actually we don't, it's more like a joke on them and their misery :D
So we thought a preloader game might be good.
Gnarr, but check the other reviews, some people didn't even realize there was a game AFTER it >:(

Guess that joke kicked our asses this time-


i found myself playing the intro and thought it was the real game but yeah good game.

Z3pp0 responds:

Darn, there are many who thought the maggot thingy was the whole submission.
Ah well, we'll make an impossible to miss play button next time.


Amazing game, it gave me the creeps though!
Most of the things I did not know though.

I did not understand all the words to, I'm not English you know.

Cool and creepy game!

Z3pp0 responds:

Good, dealing out some creeps in time for Halloween was our main goal with this, so it seems to work just fine.
And don't worry if you had more answers wrong than right, cause that means you got more of the gore!
Thanks for the review!