Reviews for "AGONY"

Scary Scary

Hey, this stuff was horrifying good. I nearly pissed my pants.
Excellent music choice!

Z3pp0 responds:

Jap, only the finest tracks carefully picked from the audio portal.
NG rocks!


You really set the mood very well, the art was great and was a very gruesome game, I loved it, well done!

Z3pp0 responds:

Hah, nothing too great about the art here, in fact artwork for the whole thing got least priority and was done quick and unclean (just as we like it :).


That was one gory game and somehow satisfing in a way. But it is a great game overall.

Z3pp0 responds:

Thanks. We even got close to winning ca$h in the halloween contest :D


The only thing that is painful about it is that it is slow slow in the interludes.

Z3pp0 responds:

It was produced on a quad core running windows XP.
We tested it on a mac from the late nineties or so for laughs.
THAT was painful.

Good Game

It is really weird that I know some of this stuff. The interface was very clean and didn't have any unnecessary elements. As far as I know, no glitches and everything worked properly.

Very well done :)

Z3pp0 responds:

Thank you, but it has been a long way :/
We pushed the game from the initial idea to release in 4 days.
The ugliest bugs were taken care of after it got submitted here, but by now it's running pretty smooth.