Reviews for "AGONY"


it is really awesome, and i managed to answer the question correctly.
really awesome game, loved to play it. also great music. thanks to you, i won't be able to go to a doctor without being scared for the rest of my life :D

Z3pp0 responds:

Next time you need to see a dentist and you sit on this creepy rack-chair, remember one thing.
If you are asked some weird question which has obviously nothing to do with your present situation - never respond with something like "What?" or "Dunno.".
You just saw what happened and every doctor's got the tools to make you suffer right there.
Also, no need for creepy music. The tunes they play in real life while you wait for the doc are meant to tranquilize you and THAT is what I find most disturbing.

holy Jesus

dude that was scary as f**k.... ._. Excellent game...very horrid though

Z3pp0 responds:

Aah, how rewarding such reactions are.
We're glad it worked out that way.
Best regards.


I finally managed to complete all 25 questions correctly - awesomely done, and I think I've learned some new information today.

Z3pp0 responds:

Okay, now it's official.
People said it in reviews and PMs and finally I've come to believe it:
it's actually educating :D
Wow. It wasn't intended, though.
To be honest, I squeezed my brains out the night we were submitting it for questions that were at least not dumb and morbid enough to fit in.
Sure took some time but now it seems to have paid off.
Thank you for the review.
Your homework will be to revise the pages 9 to 13 of your torture guide.
There's also a test scheduled for Monday and if you screw up there's gonna be some private tutoring with the doc for you, kid.

i love this game

this game had some difficult questions.
both disturbing and awesome.

what type of scripture is Doctor schna or whatever from.

Z3pp0 responds:

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I guess you're referring to the "Doktorschnabel" from the disease related image?
It was a beak-shaped mask worn by the pest doctors in 14th century to prevent pest infecion (well, at least it made them look cool).


this is a awesome flash, great animation and a great halloween flash

Z3pp0 responds:

4 days in the making, unfortunally submitted too late to score some ca$h in the Halloween contest :/