Reviews for "AGONY"


YET creepy and informative at the same time! IT KICKS ASS!!!!

Z3pp0 responds:

Many thought it was informative.
We educate Newgrounds!


yeah good game -- great atmosphere, really horrifying and "lovely" design(wonderful details). Loved the nurse ;)
the end could be a bit cewler - somethin with effects and blood and splatter...

but great job all in all

Z3pp0 responds:

Yeah, pretty weird we missed out on effects, blood and splatter for a death screen in a game like this.
It happened because we... um... ran out of time... we wanted it in the Halloween collection so we had to submit it this way.
Also, it's because... umm...
*runs away*


That was great.
It took me a while but I made it...barely.
If you end up answering them all correctly
does it end differently?
Nurse was hot. lol

Z3pp0 responds:

Thanks alot.
Yes, it does end differently when you get all questions right.
Well, if you think the nurse is hot, then I suggest you do just that and try to make no mistake.
Because, we also thought she's hot and you gotta be rewarded for a clean run, righty?


awesome game, i need to brush up on my death studies lol thanks for using my music.

Z3pp0 responds:

Yes, improve your death studies.
Everyone should.
It's important for life.
If you wanna live, that is.


Good quiz game guys. I got tortured to death due to lack of knowledge!!

Thanks for using one of my tracks!

Z3pp0 responds:

Hawr, serves you right!
Besides, it's a torture game, so why would one want to live through it anyway?
Keep writing those fuckn awesum tracks, you rock!