Reviews for "AGONY"


as creepy as that was, it provides some value information. what made me laugh was the small piece from the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy, "42", who would have known. seeing how you just through this together, i'm hoping to see an even better one from ya. take care and keep up the progress.

Z3pp0 responds:

Cool, thank you.
Won't be one this year though, too much going on.
But pseikow DID suggest we should make a sequel, so next Halloween sounds like a plan!

interesting game

Anyone who says it's easy is full of shit. There are a few number questions about odd topics in there that'll throw the average person off. I know I'm good from a 25 megaton atomic blast at 30 miles away only because I was in the Army & they teach you that stuff.

Z3pp0 responds:

Info like that might just come in handy some day.
We're raising nuke awareness here ;)

Very creepy

I couldn't help but feel terrified when I got an answer wrong. You did a superb job of making this a realistic game. This was awesome in the concept that you are being tortured instead of being the one torturing. Thbis was a fabulous idea. You guys should try to put it into your later work.

Z3pp0 responds:

And work is on the way indeed.
Just takes so long to get it ready for release :)
Has nothing to do with this game, though, Agony was just a Halloween idea which we came up with on short notice (for the contest), put it together really quickly and then spat it out.
We put some more deliberation into the stuff coming up.
Thanks for the comment!

SImply Amazing

This game was a true challenge... I'm not pround that I had to use Google for some of the questions... Very Hostle-esque! I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with this year.

Z3pp0 responds:

Hey, glad you liked.
And it's totally ok to google for some answers, since most of the info of the questions was googled as well :D


dude the qestions were to easy i dident get one wrong but i love the music and amimation geat job and I WANT A SEQEL GOD DAMMIT

Z3pp0 responds:

Hey, thanx for the appreciation (IN CAPSLOCK!!! WAAAHH!!).
No sequel on the way though.
But let's see what becomes of next Halloween's boredom!