Reviews for "AGONY"

this game is awesome

It's a lot more motivating and exciting than any hentai quiz here on newgrounds

Z3pp0 responds:

We sure do hope so, ha!
We DID include the element of the sexxxy nurse. Doesn't count as partial nudity, but there's a secret unlockable if you get the questions right.
It's also painful, but in a playful way...
... But not hentai, no.


This sick game is what my sick mind needed today. thanks

Z3pp0 responds:

Just like our festering brains needed to jerk out a game like that.
You're welcome :)


HA! i can see the nurses nipplets XD......... Huh who new 42 was the answer to everything?

Z3pp0 responds:

You mean you didn't know!?
The one and most basic truth if there ever was any at all?
The answer to life, the universe and everything?
Dude, it's 42.
I sure am glad some egghead computer figured that out for me.
Suddenly it all made sense and everything its so much easier now :D


that was freaky and awesome, the questions were weird and awesome, played through it twice, once i made it without a scratch and the other i lost a few things, but i did google a tiny bit for the success and if i couldn't find an answer i guess randomly, and besides the tune in the end is cool

Z3pp0 responds:

Yea, we had great support from the folx at the audio portal, they're responsible for a great deal of atmosphere in here.
The Halloween contest is always quite wicked on NG, so we HAD to come up with something a bit unusual - cool that you actually played twice, and btw, using google is ok to cheat through stuff :D


man! my heart rate went wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over 9000bpm and my arm is still shacking(slightly)... wow.
the third time i played i won but one more error and his leg would have been cut off and he would have died. guess what! it was th 5th "theme" last question. and even though the answer was really weird i knew it was... ai'nt givin it

Z3pp0 responds:

Awesome, upbeat heart rates from a flash game!
Also, it's cool to see you people browsing old Halloween collections as well, finding our thingy for the occasion and still bother reviewing it.