Reviews for "AGONY"

A twisted quiz game..

I liked how the fingers were mutilated when you got wrong answers..and I know because most of my answers were wrong :)

Z3pp0 responds:

Glad you had a second look.
Nah, it seems you weren't the only one to have missed everything beyond the preloader game-
Hmm, a bigger play button next time.

That was good

Pretty cool and educational, I learned a few things. It was interesting and looked really cool. I also thought it was cool that you used my song for the last stage, thanks for that. My friend and I think this should of got front page, its more worthy than alot of stuff I see there.
Well, great job, keep it up!

Z3pp0 responds:

Whow, thanks a lot!
Up until now, it was a little too buggy to have gotten frontpage, I guess, also, some features had to be canceled due to the schedule, but pseikow said he's going to look into some of the main issues so give it another go in some time.

P.S. Keep writing creepy tunes, I've dug deep through the audio portal and there's a good reason why your stuff got picked :D



"Green Screen of Death" was kinda lame! Was hoping for a much more killer sequence to that question haha!

Anyway great job, the only thing I can recommend is obviously one: better ending, maybe a little bit more detail on exactly what limbs are being cut up..and the more progressively worse you do, maybe the more bloody your screen gets/more shakey? After going through the pain of losing limbs after limbs, you still wouldnt be as calm as the character seemed if you answered wrong over and over :P...

That might be a decent kick to it to add the screen trembling at first with a little blood, then it getting worse and worse. Heck maybe the violent shudders saves the character in the next game? (accidentally kicks a saw or something into the doctors head lol) Thus this would give the player a less linear way to end the game then it did with this which is just basically getting JUST enough right to pass to the next level where your death counter is reset :P

Z3pp0 responds:

Thanks for the ideas!
We originally had about the same plans, though :/
Well, it's unfortunate that we had to rush the game in order to get it done for Halloween. Basically, that's why some really twisted stuff had to be cut short and additionally, we only put in 20 minutes or so of testing - beware of bugs >:(
That with the winning screen is one of my personal *favourite fails* in this, hehe, whatever.
Glad you had some fun with it anyways.

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