Reviews for "UnSurvival"


its perfect. but pistols should have infinite ammo, and ammo should drop
and it needs a badass music
but as it is UNsurvival: PERFECT


just lol

Nice Game

Pretty nice(nice?!!!) game,the scoreboard is a good thing to have on games so well done!
Perhaps add a hitting attack of some sort?


not badd

Okay it was rushed as you said but:
You needa make it so you can move about a bit like a change of scenery.
And maybe more than one type of zombie.
You could also make a money/shop system so it's not so "UnSurvival"
Then it'd be excellent.

Also that shotgun is aweful, it shoots at like 45 degree angle so it doesn't hit anything alot of the time even at close range.

Oh oh, and it did some auto low quality thing after a few mins, was a bit weird. :s
Oh well.

Anywayy good start.

good quality for a game that was so rushed...

only real complaints are the useless jump and the shotgun (one of it's shots shot backwards and a couple others went basically at an 80 degree angle...) otherwise good game, for a rush...