Reviews for "UnSurvival"

It still was good

next time don't rush maybe you could plan sometings or maybe you put it on the site later.
i think i would have liked it much more if it was finishid.
6/10 = 3/5


nice but limited ammo?
cant get more than 110~130(if you dotn miss at all)...

Only the Left-handed complain about WASD

You know you could have both, right? That way handedness wouldn't matter.

Good game but.

Shot gun is completely pointless...I shot forward, and all 3 shells hit the ground at a 90 degree angle...And it happened a lot...And the Uzi is also completely random when shooting...I have to aim for the bodies of the zombies because 25% of the time the bullets fly past there heads...It's a cool idea, and the jump sucks as well...But the mechanics could have been 500% better.

But ill give it a 5 since you were rushed.

really good...

I really like it:)
It doesn't seem rushed.