Reviews for "UnSurvival"

good quality for a game that was so rushed...

only real complaints are the useless jump and the shotgun (one of it's shots shot backwards and a couple others went basically at an 80 degree angle...) otherwise good game, for a rush...

physics suck

the shotgun bullets/shells dont even come out of barrel and also the ability to not get more ammo is gay, next time dont rush it

It still was good

next time don't rush maybe you could plan sometings or maybe you put it on the site later.
i think i would have liked it much more if it was finishid.
6/10 = 3/5

really good...

I really like it:)
It doesn't seem rushed.

Only the Left-handed complain about WASD

You know you could have both, right? That way handedness wouldn't matter.