Reviews for "How to be Link 1"

I do not know why you did not post it earlier

great flash, make me laugh... tell me if you need help with an idea for the second part...

dannydk6 responds:

Cuz I'm working on a flaash today and I thought I'd finish it by today. But I didn't

Its true

Now that you mention its true and it was staring at us in the face.

dannydk6 responds:

Ya we never realize what goes on in Hyrule lol.

When are you going to put Part 2?

Poor Ganondorf, but canĀ“t he kidnap another girl? He will never learn... he should just stick to rule the world :D

ok, not great



This is some fucking funny shit.

'Man, think about why I took her. Have you ever seen me with a girl before? No, they all like you, asshole.'