Reviews for "How to be Link 1"


oh poor ganondorf
with no girlfriend :P

dannydk6 responds:


it totally rocked

this is a really good vid about the strange things that happen in hyrule....
anyway, its funny too!

dannydk6 responds:

Thnx. Now if Ihave such high reviews I think the score should go up...

I do not know why you did not post it earlier

great flash, make me laugh... tell me if you need help with an idea for the second part...

dannydk6 responds:

Cuz I'm working on a flaash today and I thought I'd finish it by today. But I didn't


It was funny link kickin ass like always n beein a pimp.

dannydk6 responds:

Yaaa... thnx now I've responded to everyone yay!