Reviews for "Splitter"

Amazing game

Love it, nothing more to say.

Good, challenging game.

I beat the game! Had to skip 14 and 20 though, couldnt get those


i must say i am very impressed by this peice of work. at first i thoguth it would be like a very dumb tetris game or something from the sounds of the description. the physics engine was very well done. the game is very challenging. i have beaten but i am missing 2 lvls(elevator and swing) i enjoyed the look of the game. the graphics were nice, i also like how the eyes of the yellow dude follow your cursor around. i just loved the physics, its jsut somehting about cutting wires adn wood are exciting to me. i enjoyed this game very much and i am hoping to see a sequel, plus more work from you my very talented friend.

Awesome game!

i play this game again and again when i'm bored. I just timed it and finished it in 2:59 minutes O.o


I, have to say that Splitter Is a fantastic Non violent game that anyone can Play it is very good all you have to do is point click slip and you need a smart brain too so it's a good brain busters for puzzle solvers good job