Reviews for "Boombot 2"


i have been waiting for this


Sweet i was wondering if you guys were making a sequel

Whoo! ^_^

Already gave it praise on other sites weeks ago (I think), but anyway, I'll just say this: Great job. Same addictive concept with more piled on, as well as incredibly fun levels. You can do a lot with the new additions! I'd suggest what others suggested on the forums. Spikes, tokens, keys that unlock doors/the exit portal, one way walls, etc. 5/5, 10/10, favorite.

For the people who visited Boombotworld: I'm csd there. I'm one of the top builders, so I'll be easy to spot. Try "Options 2", "The Trouble with Time", or "Intense Electricity". :) (Also, a few of my recent levels mock the top levels... don't think much of it.)

excellent shit.

nice job...goood audio and visual effects.

awesome game

the game was cool but some levels were pretty challenging