Reviews for "Boombot 2"

Wow very addicting and challenging!

This is very quick paced and makes u think strategy on how to use the bombs effectively. Nice upgrades to the first one.


Awesomesauce :D

Nice concept but execution needs work.

Never played the first one. Explosion effects were good. It's too tough though, can't get past 7 even though I can choose any level. Level editor might be kind of fun to share with other people.

booom bot :)

i dont care that it wasnt halloween, i loved boombot and this game was great, u didnt put much new stuff, but the level were nice, aldough much more easier then the first part. I loved level 11 were u dont really do nothing, ut the explosion were spectacular :) we cen also se more interaction with the enviorment which is geat good job

Pretty cool

I liked it, keep it up.