Reviews for "Boombot 2"

Good Game

But sometimes when you blow up the little blocks which look like bricks the game doesn't register them as exploded and you still bounce off them even though nothing is there, This is very annoying, Please fix.

Lazy reviews a sequal.

Hi there. I reviewed your last Boombot game with a suggestion or two and thought I'd do a follow-up. So, for it, I opened the game on a campus computer, whose high-tech abilities make even the most memory/ram consuming games look freaking 8-bit for all their glorious running power.

Now, I found the previous Boombot game to be fun, but with an essential flaw. It had no quality control. So now, I look into the game where a quality issue is NOT an issue on a computer that could run ten times whatever this takes, easy.

And that is when I found the problem.

I am on a computer which can perfectly-play flashes that even recommend low or medium quality, a state-of-the-art device that could keep up with Super Mario Bros. Z without skipping a beat. Your game still skips and slows down, even on levels that don't have alot of 'moving parts'. I don't know WHAT the cause could be now. Maybe not quality, but if the game has sudden stops or skips in the middle of it, something is off.

I had asked for this to be looked into previously. It was not. Or, it wasn't pursued until the real problem was made clear and fixed. For that, I can only give you eight, because it's still a good game concept and all. It just has its flaws.

I love this game

All the game and the concept is very great and i love the gameplay

How is this not more popular?

I'm addicted to meeblings but what this game is to me is far worse...I can't stop...

good game

but does anyone know how to beat lvl 24?