Reviews for "Boombot 2"

Just like before.

This game is just like the original, which is good. New puzzles and a few new features is all you needed to improve on the original, and that is exactly what you did. Keep it up.

P.S. Those of you complaining about lag, lag is caused by the computer that is PLAYING the game, not the computer that made the game or the game itself. If you don't want it to lag, get a faster computer.

**** level 18

it's hard

cool game

the nine is for how much the game lags. the game is great though. i like the idea of blowing a little thing into a hypnotizing portal

why it stops

y is it that wen i press r to reset it crashes i mean WTF!!!!!????. but its still a gud game so it gets a 9 if laggy sumtimes


This looked like it would have been a fun game but it lagged to the point that it was unplayable. I spent five minutes after laying a bomb on level 2 waiting for the game to not lag.