Reviews for "AwesomeShock"

That Was awesome

Tbh i think that was Worthy of The Awesome seris if you understand me The drawings were ok (actually Gives me Confidence Cuz im shit at Drawing but wanna do some flash work) ooo Would you kindly make more :P

Nicholas-Deary responds:

As long as you can get confidence from watching it then that's all that matters :)

I haven't played this game, but...

I liked how you you used egoraptor as the player.


he should learn not to touch the ADAM! YOINK!

i love when big daddy sneak attacked him

whoo...*random noises*

I like it!

This video, despite getting bad reviews, was pretty entertaining. It's undeniably true how bulls*** it is when Peach Wilkins invites you into his house. I WAS expecting you to mention how you have to put away all your weapons and then just essentially hand them over to Peach, but still this pointed out a lot of funny things about bioshock. Animation wasn't the greatest, but it still got the job done.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

thanks man. I was going to do the weapon bit, but I ran out of time, the original script went something like this:

Peaches: Great! Now come on in, I totally won't ambush you in the basement...
*Dude walks in*
Dude: Ok, what shall I do with all my weapons?
Peaches: Oh, you can just put them in this bin over here.
*Peaches points to a bin with 'bottomless hole' written on it*
Dude: Alright...
*Dude walks down into the cellar and immediately gets beaten up by a bunch of henchmen*
Dude: Goddammit! This is the forth time!

If I ever get round to doing an extended version of the movie, all that stuff wil be in there.