Reviews for "AwesomeShock"


i didn't think there was anything remotely good about this it sucks


dude the movies ok but seriously make a remake cause ur drawing sucks


You shouldn't have used Egoraptor as your protaganist intead make a drawing of what you think Jack would look like, the art lacked also, and you based the parody on a part of the game you shouldn't have. So if all this is true why's it o.k. because that smart assy charm of the awesome videos is still thier and it's still funny. The voice acting was good to- Wrathoyster.


Get a stylus.
If you dont know what they are, they are a drawing utensil that you can hook up to your computer.
Its obvious you can draw, but you cant with you mouse (like everyone else)
Instead of copying drawn pictures then animating them, get a stylus much easier, and faster
can we please get a little original? and stop copying other people?
seriouslly. not only did you steal a name, but you tried to steal his voices 100 percent.
Get your own ideas and use them.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

I'm well aware of what a drawing tablet is and I used one to animate this flash.

Not bad...

but you only took the first hour of gameplay and made a flash about it. It was essentially just 1 part of bioshock. You should add some more jokes about all of things bioshock lets you do, not just 1 spot in the game. Just cover the whole game next time you make parodic flash. But the material you had in the flash was good, Just have to add more.