Reviews for "AwesomeShock"

Agh! You bastard!

I was working on an AwesomeShock movie! GREARGAH!
But yours was good. Clever, good humor, good Egoraptor impression, and generally good story layout. I agree with others that the animation was sort of "rushed" looking (even more so than Egoraptors) but I still enjoyed it.

Plus I'm going to be humming the intro song alllll day.

Do DO do do DO DOO!

I didn't like this.

You could have done A LOT better on this if you just put some effort.

Props for making it more than 1MB, but it just felt like a walkthrough with bad humor splashed in.

"Dead Rising Reference!"

Wait wait wait..... Egoraptor was Jack all along? How could I not have noticed?

But seriously, that was pretty funny, the animation was sorta choppy, but it was good nonetheless.

Could've been better...

It was alright, but there's a lot more you can do with this game. No jokes about Little Sisters? No jokes about the plot twist and ending? From this animation it looks like you only played up to the end of Neptunes Bounty...


the jokes where there the animation was not but at least 7 stars