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Reviews for "=KILLER="

.:insane murder:.

Speaking on behalf of some psychopathic people like myself this is a true piece of art 10/10 i love your work, mad props!!!

I like the style Although...

....I may like the fast pace and rough drawing style but around the middle I actually missed why she got unbound and how she managed to do it....

I liked the thing with the ear licking. It was creepy..... Still it was a very good idea that she uses it in her payback as well...

What I really would like to know is:

How many fps did you use?
How long did it take you to make this...?

Good´luck for your next one, I hope it as good (or better) as this one and the only thing left to say is.... Make the middle part a little bit easier to understand^^


i like the technique u used
+ this video was short and dynamic

very disturbing

i loved how the artwork told the short story. also, what's with the guy always licking ears?

This was perfect.