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Reviews for "=KILLER="

It was ok

I liked the style of animation, but at times I couldn't tell what was going on. The framerate jumped around way too much, and the animation was choppy and could have used some more detail. It was hard to tell what was going on most of the time, but overall this animation was ok.


HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS? The graphics is horrible and what the FUCK is up with the story line the guy has a girl to kill her then the girl out of nowhere gets a bat and randomly licks the guy on the ear and kills him I give this a 0.

Woa..... :O

I'm losing it.
And thats why I liked it, it was eerie ,spooky and most of all disturbing and not many flash artists can do that.
Good work!


i couldnt make out what what happening a lot of the time, it looked like it was running on 2 fps. good drawings, but wouldve been better with more effort- noise, more fps etc.

Not bad, coulda' been better but def not bad

I think the style was good, but even as such could've used some extra attention to detail. Still, well worth watching, looking forward to more. Thanks! :-)