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Reviews for "=KILLER="


where they having sex at the end of that
lick a ear and climb in a lap lmao

Coool =D

i love the way u did the camera veiws it looked real good
plus the storyline was creepy


twisted, short, all in all pretty good

kinky? and creepy!

It was awsome in a creepy way... though the animation was a bit messy... i think it added to the whole scaryness of it all great work!! wut waz up with the ear licking? lulz

I am of two minds...

I understood the basic storyline.

The 'camera work' was stunning. The constant motion mimiced the rapidly changing dynamics in the scenes. Where you removed words, you added motion.

The only critique I have is that it may have been a bit too much. If one did not read your comment, they would have been completely lost.

The mutual licking was a poetic touch.