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Reviews for "=KILLER="


Or be killed

Insanity infects us all

After watching this I was chilled to the bone. not by the graphic display but of the message. People don't seem to understand that in the end the victim became insane and kills KILLER. Which leads the viewer to see that under certain circumstances any one can give into madness, becoming what our hearts fear the most, an unthinking unfeeling killing machine. I took two off cause I have seen better flashes. The way this was animated was spooky but a bit confusing. Overall good job I expect great flashes out of you.


You certainly didnt catch my taste,
but this seems pretty cool,
some parts where a bit non understandeble for me.
but i dont know what to think of this, seems you can entertain others,

if you can entertain others then your movie was a succes!



Honestly, I am simply spechless. Not about the flash or the violence or anything like that. Some months ago, someone posted a flash that, much like yours, had no story, reason, or point to put out and was also about a nameless character through destruction and violence. This other Flash's character destroyed a few things in a house, then somewhere along the lines had kicked a cat. It was an animation, and the cat nor the character existed. And still over 50% of all Newgrounds posters, who are now either mostly 13 year old girls or insane PETA members with no concept of reality, gave 0's on their reviews, told the artist to go fuck himself or turn himself into the police for animal cruelty. Half this website went completely insane over the entirely immaginary "kicking" of an imaginary cat.

My point being, in animations like this and the dozens of others on Newgrounds that feather dealth, violence, hate, and the insanity of destruction that is the human psyche, none of those insane violence freaks say anything. It says so much about how much those animal interest groups hate and have no care whatsoever towards people, but take an irrational and sometimes insane offense when it comes to animals.

Anyway, that was my aside of the difference in the insanity of perspective a lot of these NG users have. About the flash's performance itself, now...I thought it was definitely experimental with some artistic interpretation in the way you express your colors. When it was red, I felt as if there was a dominate killer and a helpless victim, but when it was blue, I felt redemption as if there was no victim at all. The comment before is true.. this could be a storyboard instead of thea nimation, but in a few parts you can see the more animated segments. It was quite short, and this score, from me, is a big one for something very short. It would have to be very, very impactful to be this short and much higher. It was a pretty good one, though, and was a nice expression of the feeling we get when watching this. Cheers~


will i only giveing it a 5