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Reviews for "=KILLER="

Sketchy is cool

dude junoh13206 is wrong the style in this is unique ive been working on something with the same sketchy feel to it and i thumbs up it was a well done animation. i give an 8 because it could have gone smoother with the animation


took me till the end too understand this

I understand...

But it was way too sketchy, if you made it better than I'd give you a good score, but you didn't, so sorry. I can not believe that you would post a video you didn't even finish, get rid of all the extra lines then you can get a high score from me.

I give you a bad rating.
And a suggestion, FINISH YOUR WORK.
Thank you for reading this.

i love it

its a marmite peice, you either love it or you hate it,
theres gunna be the people who dont grasp it and just say "you fucked up 0/10"
theres going to be some people hu are going to understand, consider the artwork and realy enjoy it
but it will be trully loved by people who understand its design completely, its not hard to see the story, but god i love the expressionism in it, idk what it is, but i watch it n im back in 1st year art college :P
thank you for this peice, its lighten up my day in a way :P

pretty... awesome

Probably thebest thing ive seen today