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Reviews for "=KILLER="


Nice ending.. didn't see it coming. Great style, the music set the mood perfectly.. all in all, a great, creepy flash.


the idea of making the graphics that way did the vid have a better look (and did u work harder too) but it made it dificult to fully understand the video

This was harshly scary

So harsh on the viewer, completely creepy, did not expect a flash like this. Awful on the first watch, magnificent on the second, and good replay value for my third viewing. The artwork shows the viewer what events are taking plac,e but in the briefest and most subtle of styles. The artwork combined with the swift, but non too speedy, animation, gives brief glimpses of what is going on, and gives a very mysterious feel to the flash. After all people aren't aware of such killings in reality, so the snakey-like portrayal of such slimy, undergrowth happenings we have in this world lend a very surreal approach to this movie.

You don't get a clear reminiscence of what such events would look like in real life immediately, and this makes the content you have provided seem even more like an extraordinary chasm.

5/5 9/10.

REally really...

The killer bred another killer... really really psycho style :D nice work...perfect fit for halloween ;)


Nice movie for the haloween)) 4/5