Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


farking incredible game and addictive!!

freakin awesome

i really haven't seen alot of games done like this, and frankly the ones i have seen like this sucked. really good job. and btw the enemies were really well made and i have to agree with F3ARL3SS23, the sperm got anooying


wow... this game... is driving me insane... its incredably frustrating, and addictive, and quite honestly there is nothing i can see that is wrong with this game besides the fact that its insanely addictive... also, the ocasional psyciatric quotes and odd music give it an insanely trippy feel. also, im sorry the only adjictive i can come up with is insane, but thats what this game is it is truely insane and its driving me insane. keep up the good work.

i give up.

no matter what i do i cant kill the ones that look like fucking bulls >:[
good game tho.


I've played this game several times now. I've read every phrase, over and over. I've heard the music again and again. This game is a truly master piece. One of the best games I've played in Newgrounds. To put it simple, it's astonishing.