Reviews for "Grey-Matter"

I'm Giving 10,why?

because I Fu****g like sentences that appear betwen levels,can you please give them to me,I can't beat the game,keyboard is broken,and the only reason I tried to beat it is those sentences,soo....I BEG YOU,sent them to me!!!1


This game was instantly awesome, it had fast paced gameplay, great upgrades and the fact that you can use flash joystick for it is an absolute 10/10.
Great Work!


Ha, that is one pretty unique game man. I dont really know what to say other than it is extremely fun to play and pretty challenging. Havent gotten too far; Which, is a statement in itself because I am a wiz at small games like this but, you can bet I'll be coming here every day until I progress. Excelent Job.


just a question what do options do

Yet again

A perfect, highly original, game
by the one and only Edmund!
Music was good. Gameplay
was even better. The graphics
were pretty tight. Wish I could
give more then 10 stars!!!