Reviews for "Grey-Matter"

Sick soundtrack....really sick

creative game, nice soundtrack. nuff said 10/10

great game

great game, but a bit too hard. maybe it's the fast pace mixed with the controls, but overall i liked it. my only sugestion would be to perhaps slow it down slightly and maybe put in some kind of beginner mode. other than that, i love the concept and everything.


i have seen many games in my life, but this is the first of it's class! an anti-shooter game. BRILLIANT! it isnt one of the many old shooter games that i expected. there are a few things that could be inserted though. add a health bar so it wont be as hard. but the game is still amazing. im very impressed.

Very nice concept

Its a great idea and all, but you die way too easy. I am not taking alot of ponits off of this becasue it could just be because i sux. Mabey a health bar or multiable hits before death could be useful for the...less skillful population.

Cool Idea, too hectic and i suck with arrow keys:D

well made but could be improved