Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


good game but too bad u have to start over when u die...T.T

hard but

its really fun and addictive, nice music too

Not your average game...

This thing is awesome mostly because you're the bullet and you dont have to shoot :D, but it would be cool if you did... Otherwise this thing is flat out awesome. the control thing with shift wer you slow things down is a good idea because I don't want a bunch of those enemys were you get them from behind you shoot thier large projectiles(the next enemys that have the brain on the back) destroy me ten times. So the shift thing slowing down helps, helps way much to get laser enemys and enemys with thier brain behind them. Still this game is cool and all with the things that I mensiond, but it's just missing that little sprite of awesomeness that it just doesn't have. I give it a 9/10 keep up the good work Edmund, your games are far the best on this site :D .


this is rock solid i wold love to see this on xbox live downloadables list

love it.

I log on to newgrounds just to play it. Thank you for making it. 5/5