Reviews for "Grey-Matter"

Very Imaginative!

A solid little anti-shooter. Extremely entertaining and addictive. The trinity attacks add strategy to the game and make it feel more like a puzzle game than a shooter, but that's not a bad thing!

It's going in my favorites!

a little of this, a little of that...

I was able to play this with the keyboard.

I would have liked to of seen a mouse version. I would have liked to seen a version designed with the keyboard in mind. I lacked these things with no great loss of enjoyment.

I would maintain a sentiment that the "option" feature should have had a greater reach than the teeth of the enemy. It would form a very fair counter attack.

9/10 good game.


wouldve been better if you didnt RANDOMLY EXPLODE FOR NO REASON >:(

Sold out by xbox

I have an idea, why program this PC game for a 360 controller when every PC out there has a mouse? Why not program it for that?

Awesome game!

Can you list the quotes you had on there like the ones for stress, anxiety and so on? I liked them. Or did you find them on Wikipedia?