Reviews for "Grey-Matter"

Not sure what to say

One of the trippier games on Newgrounds, though it is pretty awesome. The main thing I think I should point out is that the normal boss fight would be REALLY bad for epileptic people with all of the flashing. Just a heads up.

Very intesting

It reminds me of Noir because its serious and has alot of quotes that are very interesting, I love it, thank you for making a very nice game, you should make a sequal.

The controls...

Its a good game but it seems like i go through some of the bullets and the controls are very hard to use.

Not bad but...

It is pretty good but, I have a 360 controller and I don't believe it works. I have tried to get it to work but it does not so unless you have a better description on how to make it work, I do not think it is possible without first knowing how to make this yourself. All in all, the game was pretty good, and keep at it!

ok but kind of boring

it was ok but got boring to really fast