Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


This game is great. It is difficult, but fun. Every enemy has it's strongpoints and weakness. From the moment I saw the big enemies that shoot out a burst of shots around them, I instantly thought of Ikaruga. Anyway, very good game. Music is fantastic and the gameplay is fun.

Keep up the good work!

the game waz pretty good

the game waz kinda fun but the contrals where off

Perfect Game

This is one of THE best games i have ever played here i liked the graphics, gameplay, and the multiple quotes used in the game but i found that the final boss happened to be easier then the regular enemies you made but all in all it is the perfect game

quite amazing

very, very difficult.

perhaps make all targets slightly larger? I found that boost was never useful because I was already so fast, it was simply a matter of dodging, while trying to hit them, and any useful triangles I formed were pure accident.

very nice and challenging

i couldn't get far on my first time but after like 3 try's i realized this is a very high quality and fun game, smooth animation, gives you a adrenaline rush and makes you have to be aware of everything. good job and thanks.