Reviews for "Grey-Matter"

good but easy

the overall game was pretty good i have to say pretty easy with the keyboard i dont know with the xbox because i dont have 1 but if i could give u a few idea i think u should add more upgrade and it gonna be way more awesum

That was really sweet.

Ok, I never read the instructions, so when i got into the game, I was like how the hell do i shoot? I figured the rest out, but no shoot button for me. I was like "Oh great, this game is going to suck, already there's a glitch" but no. After one of the first mobs ran into me, it exploded and I was like wtf? This is now one of my fave games. It was really great, 10\10 5\5

That was really funny :-) good work

it made me laugh, and well not alot of work does make me laugh ;-) either my humor sucks in general or this is just real good stuf :-)

I loved the leave britney alone stuff on the wall lol!

So fun.

I wasn't feeling to happy when I first played it but now I'm smiling.
It sure was fun.
well done for making such an original and classic game.

It was amazing

At first it seemed like it was too hard...
I lost once on normal, beat it, beat boss mode on my first try, and then beat expert on my first try... Endless was ok, but it got boring after a little while..
All around, it was a great game...