Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


It won't load, it's stuck at 45%.

Great, but difficult.

An excellent game, but it was difficult to play using keyboard controls, movement was very sensitive, making it difficult to play properly without luck. This was made worse seeing as though I don't have an Xbox 360 controller, but I can hardly blame you for that can I?

A suggestion for future games like this; let us use a mouse!

Everything else about the game was perfect though, a sort of level up system (which I love), challenging and different enemies and bosses!

Keep it up.

A good challenge

As always, Edmund McMillen keeps impressing me! I love your dark humor! I beat the game, it was hard but not impossible. However, Boss Mode was too easy, 99 lives, full upgrades? You just have to beat the boss a second time to unlock Expert Mode. I still need to beat this one though.

*** TIP ***
Something the authors didn't say: you're invincible during a boost. It's a good way to get pass barrages.

Rather difficult

It had a good concept and a good game structure, was clearly well thought out.
But i found the only way it could be played well was through an Xbox controller.


i have no idea what that option did apart from annoy me, its true the only thing that helps is the sheild but those tail ones are to hard and annoying. not a bad idea though