Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


i liked this game but i found it a little hard still a great game tho


i usually give enemy spoilers on these kinds of games but this is so awsome i'm gonna let u guys figure it out! i agree: shields are far by the best! althought that enemy you saw on the game icon:
you need to use speed up(space) to reach him 'cause he teleports:O nice with all those modes and an upgrade store in the pause menu!:) nice anti-shooter! the player is a black fuzzball? doesn't that stand for energy? one enemy looks like a sperm, another a bull, and yet one a squid. great game in all so i give a big fat 10.good job. -sabrehawk


too dificult for me

love the words of wisdom

great game overall!

Not bad at all

%u25B2 this game declares
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