Reviews for "Grey-Matter"

Was good

Was good for about 20 seconds. Once you realize how horrible the keyboard controls are its game over.

Super Fun!

This game is very fun and original! It's a nice twist to just shooting people. All the enemies were very original and different and I like the medicine you can take. This game is quite hard though, which is good and bad. Good in the sense that you don't just get bored but annoying that you can never pass a part you're stuck on. I think the snake (with the glowing tail) is should have a bigger head because you miss a lot when trying to hit it... Sometimes, this game is just fun trying to dodge the hundred bullets targeted at you ;-) Thanks for making this incredibly addictive and original game!


in normal mode, the "take back to main screen" button is directly below the move forward button, so i accidentally clicked on it when i was trying to go to the next level....

this is poor game design since it should not be there, or there should be a warning box like "careful, leaving now will exit your game" etc etc,

Everything else was okay, besides what people have said about the controls

I'm Giving 10,why?

because I Fu****g like sentences that appear betwen levels,can you please give them to me,I can't beat the game,keyboard is broken,and the only reason I tried to beat it is those sentences,soo....I BEG YOU,sent them to me!!!1

Nice Time-Waster, Enjoyed

Had trouble "aiming" my character at certain enemies with the controls, especially the ones you have to hit from the back. Because you can only move side to side or diagonally, it's tough when your target is rotating in full 360 degrees. That aside, it was an amusing shooter type game.