Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


i loved the sayings it told me.

fun and addicting

i only wish i had a xbox to play it with a controller

Suprisingly fun

Sorta reminds me of Indestructotank in that your main goal is to crash into enemies. My main problem is with how difficult it is to set up the trinity attack. Thankfully, the end boss lets you get off two free ones on him. Speaking of which, that was an awesome end fight. Took me a bit to figure out how to damage his final form, but I eventually took him down and unlocked Boss and then Expert modes.

Also, I'm guessing the end credits are supposed to scroll up form the bottom of the screen, but for some reason it's really choppy for me and doesn't scroll properly.

i dont get it?

and the controls are horrible, sorry, no fun


This is an excellent game. Just hard enough for it to be entertaining without being infuriating. The artwork was unique and fluid. I'd say this stands up to any other game in the genre. Some people didn't enjoy the controls but I loved them. I'm sort of tired with the heavy focus on mouse controls in flash recently. I just wish it was longer.