Reviews for "Grey-Matter"


I liked your style and I liked your game. I wish you would have added a storyline though, storylines always seem to get me into the game, and gives me a purpose for doing what I am doing. The other thing that I liked about your game is your upgrade system, I always write in my reviews that I like upgrade systems because it adds to your choice of how the gameplay is. Well done and I cant wait for a sequel!! (hopefully with a storyline!!!) :) good work!

Oh So....

DIFFICULT AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its a quick dodgey game thats fun!

Hey, good idea!

very interesting concept. While it was loading and i was reading the description saying it was an anti-shooter, what I had imagined was not even close lol. Gnar tunes, interesting concept, runs smooth, designs were a little too abstract for me, colors were a little bland 9/10. Thank you for sharing!

i wuz doin good till those stupid sperm things

god every game i play has these sperm like things