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Reviews for "Reincarnation: ADDO"

Awesome series.

great , and a good start to the series. -0.5 for the having to basically use mouse to search for clickable things but it was an '08 game XD

Absolute classic! I loved playing this series years ago and was only reminded of it today.

The beginning of a classic series:

I enjoyed playing these games when I was younger, and they still hold up today. I can totally see Netflix or Youtube making an animated TV series from this.

My only minor critiques are the shortness of the game and the couple of times I had to randomly click various areas to continue.

I enjoyed this games humor and concept but the solutions were not logical and would have taken hours without a walkthrough. I know this game came out in 2008 so criticism isn't going to be important in an already established series but there are many items that stick out to the player that don't actually play a role. Like the coins on the upstairs table and the paper bag in the kitchen which I thought was dog food. Another problem is the alarm clock puzzle. When you first click on the alarm clock, it wakes the man and he switches it off making me assume this is what it would do every time. However the solution was to click it again and then the alarm clock is moved into the puddle from the pipe. Overall though the game was entertaining, just baffling.