Reviews for "iPumpkin Gold"


highly addicting, i completed it!! i recommend everybody to play it!!

evil snakes anyways

Thoroughly fun. Gotta read the instructions because I almost missed the fact you can draw a column directly under your character to shoot him straight up.


It's challenging, and it takes a Halloween spin on most drawing games. Well done.

I had fun with it

Little too easy tho if u ask me. Beat it in one sitting. To the others: try using a combination of drawing platforms and jumping all at once. jump and draw. and you can kill the evil bunny thing by drawing thru him.

Decent game

So this was a decent game you have here I like the idea of it and it was not as expected and that's what through me for a loop I will say that this was pretty fun as I got the hang of it. Kinda fun actually but anyways you have a good game here ad some medals

Ad some medals here on this one