Reviews for "Jigsaw"

Hahahaha Hilarious!

~~==My Review on the Movie==~~
= Concept - Deaf?

Thats actually an interesting concept. Jigsaw capturing someone who can't hear that they are going to meet their demise by him! Its hilarious actually! Great concept and animation!
~~==Any Improvements - Animation==~~
= Hmmmm....

Well, the animation and art work were both good, I wish it could of been longer. Apart from that its perfect work in my eyes.

= Awesome Voice actor! No more need to be said.
Also i enjoyed the music used around the presentation. Though it could of been kool to add more during the flash.

(Hahaha it says Leave Britney alone in the background)

A funny piece of work. XD the concept was very clever! I enjoyed and laughed alot when the victim didn't even twitch! hahaha. He should of used the flash cards for him!

Rank =10/10 - Score = 5.00/5.00
~Shadow Dinosaur~ ~ the D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R -K-I-N-G ~

Must do more

First of all you made the jigsaw doll even scarier. Secondly you turned it into a great joke that Icouldn't ever see coming. I would love to see more.

squeakytoad responds:

Yeah, I actually went through four different versions of Jigsaw before I settled on this cartoon depiction.

My main goal was to get one that could express whatever emotions I wanted him too. I wanted him to look purely evil, to be incredibly cynical, to be shocked, to be confused, anything.

I also wanted one that could be funny looking while still being scary. Some were funny, but they were too outrageous and didn't come off as creepy. This guy did. Which is why I went with him.

And TomaMoto did an amazing job of voicing Jigsaw in such a way that he's genuinely scary when he's serious, but absolutely hilarious when the moment calls for it (which you really didn't see much of in this clip, but will if I carry on using the audio we already recorded.)

LOL Funny.

This movie is the bit of homour we need these days. I liked it. Make a sequel or something. :-)


That was very good and im sure that qualifies as a bad day


5/5 10/10, fuckin nice lol... and i always wondered what his reaction would be if he did get someone who was deaf xD