Reviews for "Jigsaw"

lol big true

imagine a saw film were there's a deaf XDDD


Lol yeah I'm with the Deaf bloke on this one. I'm hearing Impaired, although I found it very difficult to understand what Jigsaw was saying (you guessed it, I couldn't lip-read it either :P). But I still understood what was going on through facial expression and have a more than decent understanding on what's going on :P Funny vid, except I was thinking 'how did Jigsaw make such mistake in picking this person out for the game?' :S :P

friggin' awesomoooo!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

awesome voice
awesome animation
awesome script
freaking awesomely awesome!!!
loved it! nearly fell off my chair laughing!!! no joke!!!


si me intenta decir algo... no lo escucho.. soy sordo!!!

Nicely done

Very funny video, good work.