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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck: Vacation"


Ok I really dont understand why its rated lower then your other submissions, this is a lot better then all the other ones. The interactivity and the dialogue are much better now. Great job.

Oh my god.

Please dont quit making these! Its ->FUCKIN<- AMAZING! I have given you a 5/5 10/10 on all of these! Only to you. I gave 3 zeros to pitza. Bastard.

You have yet to fail me

and i don't think you ever will. You are definetly the hentai king of NG. From humble beginnings mid summer, you've already got several awesome submissions. Nice job. BTW, about the thief, i took care of him. Mr. machete got pretty intimate with him. jk, but seriously, anyone who tries to pirate this awesomeness needs to burn in hell. keep 'em cumming! (you see wat i did there?)


ok this is a freakin great game but im having a little trouble i havent compleated it yet i can seem to get past the second girl i was wondering if you guys could gmmi some insight on that?

Don't worry. :D

Your loyal fans beat the crap out of the little prick when Tom wasn't looking. >.>

I tried doing an author search for the little bastard, but it appears that his submission was deleted. Serves him right.

Oh yeah, great game but I prefer Road Trip over the other ones. :D