Reviews for "Piano Madness"

Woah, it's like...

The kick spoils the begining. Take it out, and add an ambient pad instead, and then put the kick in later, after the tune picks up. That would fix your awry begining. Other than that, very nice. Your getting along pretty well with fl studio.

Cilmeron responds:

thank you :) I hope that I do.. I'm playing around with it pretty much..

Piano Madness is AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMAZING! From what Im hearing you know how to do some shit with your studio. I agree though, the kick is awkward, maybe some upbeat bells or something. Save Kick for later. Good luck!

Cilmeron responds:

Thanks - I agree the kick does sound awkward/slightly off.

it was pretty good

it was kinda slow at the beggining then it got good...great job with the piano!

Cilmeron responds:

thank you :) I know.. the beginning sucks a bit..

I like it!

This is a pretty good audio! I agree with the alst reviewer, that that the kcik kind of spoiled it. Well, maybe not 'spoiled' it (in my opinion, anyway). I think it should have just started out with just the piano. Good job!


Cilmeron responds:

;) thank you very much