Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

*Spoiler alert* YOU KILLED EGORAPTOR!!!

Thank you, it's about time that he got murdered, especially by rtil...

Blordow responds:

ehehhe :P


wow that was freaky even that you that song in i thought amplified the creepiness and i got one question for you did you put that guys head on that newgrounds icon when you hit play? because i think that also made it a bit more creepy but that is just me

Fucking raw, I loved it

Hahaha nice. The animation was good, the drawings were hilarious like when Rtil kicked Egoraptor, he looked so pleased with himself about it and Khale looked like a troll on crack. I REALLY loved the colors. This was the shit, it should win.

Blordow responds:

lmao you made my day yungjazz thanks!


poor egoraptor...with his faded jeans and plain long sleeved shirt and bushy eyebrows...got owned.

nicely done with the animation!

Blordow responds:

thanks :]

Fuckin badass

very nice.