Reviews for "Weak Sleepers"

pretty great

<reptilicus> i am about to watch your flash blordow
<reptilicus> this better not suck
<reptilicus> OR ELSE
<blordow> hahahha
<blordow> OR ELSE WHATT

You have been spared this time Blordow. But next time you might not be so lucky.

Next time, Gadget.

Next time.

Blordow responds:

i shall wait until next time and i will be prepared.

Haha, really great!

It was great and enjoyable to watch. The way you drew foamy at first was really nic too. lol, rtil and his roller skates..

Blordow responds:

hehehe thankya

Die Mario!

I liked watching him squirm! :D

Blordow responds:


Killer zombie action.

You put another level to people sagas on this one video. Music and battles were great man. Mario a little scared chiocken where there is nowhere to hide.Hahaha.


foamy was terrifying :'[

Blordow responds: